Illustrations/Sneak Peeks


Boingo the Bushbaby’s Christmas Adventure – On Hold

Illustrations for a book that was too long! The text is being revised, not sure what the fate will be for some of these illustrations, but rest assured, Boing the Bushbaby will have his Christmas adventure. It began like this:

In the wilds of Africa, far far away,

Boingo the bushbaby wanted to play!

His mom warned, “Stay hidden until I get back.”

But he didn’t listen. He snuck out the crack.

He slid down a snake, jumped on a giraffe,

A hippo got mad when he hopped on her calf!

A leopard saw spots when he leapt on its nose.

An elephant freaked when he tickled its toes!

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The Bedtime Beasts – Out Now!

The not-very-fearsome bedtime beasts: Meet the shifty Shadowish, the bothersome Bubbleblop, the nuisance Noisybeast and of course the… well, you’ll just have to wait and see! Each of the six gets their own rhyming verse.

Here’s a sneak peek of the text:

Each night, when I turn out the light,

The Shadowish takes great delight

In giving me a nasty fright!

It stretches shadows as it goes,

And POOF- my ordinary clothes

Become a monster’s nasty nose!


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