My Halloween Cat


The Glorious (True!) Story of My Halloween Cat 

– by Savannah Laura

Here’s the true story

in all of its glory

(though it’s a bit gory)

of my Halloween cat.

He was a mean cat,

The meanest I’d seen cat!

A black Halloween cat!

But let me rewind.

I was up late one night.

Pop! On came my light.

It gave me a fright!

So I crept outside.

My flashlight revealed

A cat by my wheel.

He needed a meal.

He looked nearly dead.

He was starving and hurt,

His hair caked with dirt,

But he watched me, alert,

And I couldn’t get close.

He crouched there, subdued,

So I brought him some food

But he growled as he chewed,

And struck at my thumb.

He was a mean cat,

The meanest I’d seen cat!

A black Halloween cat!

But he needed a friend.

The next week I tried

To coax him inside

But he would just hide

Until I gave up.

His neck wound- it oozed.

He’d been badly abused.

But my help he refused.

So what could I do?

I called the pet cops

But he’s smart like a fox

So I put out a box

And shouted, “Good luck!”

‘Twas All Hallow’s Eve.

And would you believe,

When I went to retrieve

It, he was inside?!

You know what came next.

He was very vexed,

So, like a t-rex,

He ripped up my room!

He was a mean cat,

The meanest I’d seen cat!

A black Halloween cat!

But it wasn’t his fault.

I called lots of vets

And groups that help pets.

A great one said, “Let’s

Save your cat’s life.”

It was an ordeal.

He took months to heal.

But he started to feel

Like a regular cat.

I showed him affection,

but he saw his reflection

and voiced his objection

by spitting at me!

That cat was so sly

When I hid food up high,

He found the supply

And shredded the bag!

I touched him! No purr.

But I wasn’t deterred.

I learned he preferred

A toothbrush at first!

He slept on my bed

With a cone on his head.

The neighbor’s cat fled

When she saw him inside!

My pillow, he thought,

Was the very best spot,

So squashy and hot,

So I woke up bent.

It took awhile

But oh how I smiled

When I heard my wild

black cat start to purr.

He is a neat cat!

No longer a street cat.

My Halloween treat cat,

And we are best friends.

Mittens and Mink Meet Santa!

Here’s a little Christmas Story about Mittens and Mink, two kittens who cause havoc in Santa’s house 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone! Click the pic to download the PDF 🙂

Mittens and Mink Meet Santa! – By Savannah Laura

‘Twas the night before Christmas when, quick as a wink,

In snuck two kittens named Mittens and Mink.

They were filthy, and hungry, and thoroughly wet

But this was the best hiding place they’d found yet!

Half in the window, Mink paused on the brink,

But Mittens was eager and smashed into Mink!

Down from the window they fell with a clatter,

Causing a snow globe to wobble and shatter.

The two soggy moggies with mud on their paws

Leapt up on a blanket that read, “Mrs. Claus.”

After they cleaned every fleck from their feet

They went to find something delicious to eat!

They cautiously, quietly crept through the house

And came nose-to-nose with a crumb-munching mouse.

The mouse went Squeak SQUEAK and startled the kittens.

Mink tried to leap back but she crashed into Mittens.

The terrified mouse charged at Mittens and Mink,

But the floor was as slick as an ice-skating rink.

They skidded and scrabbled and fled down the hall

While the mouse giggled, safe in his hole in the wall.

They stopped at the base of a marvellous tree

And raced to tip-top with kittenish glee.

The tree was festooned with long strings of light,

And balls that they hooked down and chased out of sight.

They wrestled the ribbons and wrinkled the wrapping,

Then curled in a chair that was perfect for napping.

And so they were sleeping when Clackety click.

The front door flew open and there stood St. Nick!

Santa stood frozen. He was too stunned to think,

Stunned by the mess made by Mittens and Mink!

The kind Mrs. Claus entered wide-eyed soon after.

She looked at her husband. They burst into laughter.

“It’s the night before Christmas. You know what they say.

While Santa’s away, the kittens will play.”

From that moment on, the Clauses were smitten

By mischievous Mink and her brother Mittens.

Now they always have food and a warm loving lap

(Though Mink likes to settle upon Santa’s cap).

“Happy Christmas to you,” Santa says with a wink.

“Purr purr,” purr the kittens named Mittens and Mink.