My Halloween Cat


The Glorious (True!) Story of My Halloween Cat 

– by Savannah Laura

Here’s the true story

in all of its glory

(though it’s a bit gory)

of my Halloween cat.

He was a mean cat,

The meanest I’d seen cat!

A black Halloween cat!

But let me rewind.

I was up late one night.

Pop! On came my light.

It gave me a fright!

So I crept outside.

My flashlight revealed

A cat by my wheel.

He needed a meal.

He looked nearly dead.

He was starving and hurt,

His hair caked with dirt,

But he watched me, alert,

And I couldn’t get close.

He crouched there, subdued,

So I brought him some food

But he growled as he chewed,

And struck at my thumb.

He was a mean cat,

The meanest I’d seen cat!

A black Halloween cat!

But he needed a friend.

The next week I tried

To coax him inside

But he would just hide

Until I gave up.

His neck wound- it oozed.

He’d been badly abused.

But my help he refused.

So what could I do?

I called the pet cops

But he’s smart like a fox

So I put out a box

And shouted, “Good luck!”

‘Twas All Hallow’s Eve.

And would you believe,

When I went to retrieve

It, he was inside?!

You know what came next.

He was very vexed,

So, like a t-rex,

He ripped up my room!

He was a mean cat,

The meanest I’d seen cat!

A black Halloween cat!

But it wasn’t his fault.

I called lots of vets

And groups that help pets.

A great one said, “Let’s

Save your cat’s life.”

It was an ordeal.

He took months to heal.

But he started to feel

Like a regular cat.

I showed him affection,

but he saw his reflection

and voiced his objection

by spitting at me!

That cat was so sly

When I hid food up high,

He found the supply

And shredded the bag!

I touched him! No purr.

But I wasn’t deterred.

I learned he preferred

A toothbrush at first!

He slept on my bed

With a cone on his head.

The neighbor’s cat fled

When she saw him inside!

My pillow, he thought,

Was the very best spot,

So squashy and hot,

So I woke up bent.

It took awhile

But oh how I smiled

When I heard my wild

black cat start to purr.

He is a neat cat!

No longer a street cat.

My Halloween treat cat,

And we are best friends.

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